My interest for music started already when I was a little boy.
I started drumming at a fanfare/brass band but my real dream became reality when I started drumming on my first drumkit.

After I bought that kit I immediately started playing in a band to, developed my skills and became very experienced through the years.

I learned a lot during the master classes I received from a.o. Cesar Zuiderwijk (Golden Earring) but also by listening to and studying the techniques of other famous drummers like Mike Portnoy, Ed Warby, Simon Phillips en Neil Peart.
My preferences are in the hard but still symphonic types of music as you can understand from above.

I started to play in a band called Blind Fury while within a half year I also joined Garlic. I played in those band for two years. After that I started together with a.o. Jeroen Hoegee Sanity. With Sanity we did more than 60 concerts in 2004 and 2005 in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

In December 2007 I played drums during the Dutch Xmas tour of the English punk band The Duel.

In 2008 Fred became member of Bacchus and Profuna Ocean.

I have an excellent gear, my own rehearsal room and can transport a whole band including backline.